Observing Thresholds…Becoming Fall

Observing Thresholds … Becoming Fall
We are in the very depth of change as summer begins to morph into fall. There are invitations all around. Indeed, if threshold beckons change …
The leaves are falling
Their color moves to bareness
Tree bones create space
So this, this time, moving toward a new empty – how interesting that we gather the harvest. It comes with great riches to store – good food for stews and soups, colors to pleasure our senses. The leaves, colorful then falling, falling and brown.
With these dramatic weeks of change, one season moving into another, there comes space, a metaphor to observe, a threshold from being surrounded and held by green to a visual emptiness. Where will the metaphor take me? What change is afoot?
Change becomes a threshold. David Whyte, the poet/philosopher speaks about the solid ground and the challenges that come with every day, finding our way home, home to solid ground. How is it that we come back into balance when there is big change or transition?
Especially this season of Fall can challenge our bodies and our minds with the changes.

When I remember to pay attention, these are a few things that bring me back into balance when strong change has the potential to disrupt …
*Yin Qi, feeling my feet on the earth, noticing “bubbling spring”, the K1 point
*Practicing Qigong and moving my body in many ways
*Patting my sweet dog friend
*Listening deeply and having good conversation with friends – this also feeds my soul.