Just 3 Breaths



  • 3 breaths begin to change your physiology
  • take a moment for 3 long, slow, deep breaths

Autumn is about gathering and storing the harvest, the energies you have collected in these past months.   Autumn is also associated with the lungs, the qualities of sadness and grief and its opposite, courage. 

The Fall Equinox heralds the start of Autumn, a transition moving us into months of yin energy.  This season in 2020 is also one of immense stress for many of us with the fear of Covid-19 and the upcoming election in our country.

From Dr. Roger Jahnke … “This is a Year Carved into History with Fury – Intense Weather, Fire, Water, Disease [and more] – Holy Qi!  The incredible wisdom teachings of the ancient Chinese as well as other great wisdom traditions teach us the power of building inner resiliency.” 

There is so much that throws us off balance each day; yet, we each have many tools to build that inner resiliency and return to balance.  It is like creating an anchor.  I call it “coming home.”  Below is a simple and amazing mind-body practice for you.

Remember … PAUSE for JUST 3 BREATHS

Sit or stand.  Feel your feet connect to the earth, imagine the crown of your head connecting to the universe.  Begin to notice “the weather within” – how does it feel inside your body?  Is it contracted or spacious? tense or relaxed?  Never any judgement.  Just notice the information.

Continue the practice … the intention is to focus on each organ with 3 breaths.

If you like, place your hands over each organ as you breathe in and out.  Included below is a bit more information about the organ, its relationship to emotional qualities, the seasons and its color if it interests you.

It is fine and easy to simply focus on each organ with your 3 breaths or to just smile at each organ.

Spleen – breathe in trust/breathe out worry.  Season is late summer.  Color is yellow.

Lungsbreathe in integrity/breathe out sadness & grief.  Season is Fall.  Color is white.

Kidneysbreathe in wisdom/breathe out fear.  Season is Winter.  Color is deep blue or black.

Liver breathe in kindness/breathe out anger.  Season is Spring.  Color is green.

Heartbreathe in peace & calm/breathe out impatience & excess of any kind.  Season is summer.  Color is red.

As you finish this 3 Breath Meditation to the Organs, let your hands rest on your lower dantien or belly.  Once again, notice how it feels within.  become aware of any changes.

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