Previous Events

roger jahnke qigong ws @ uucmc lincroft nj 6-16-IMG_0914

Maxine’s qigong for good health class.

roger jahnke qigong ws @ uucmc lincroft nj 6-16-IMG_0899

Class picture during workshop with Dr. Roger Jahnke.





Additional Past Events

“The Gateway to the Ultimate – Primordial Qigong/Wuji Gong”  April 21, 2018

best group shot all teachers Roger Jahnke Primordial Qigong WS @ UUCMC w Maxine 4-18 00071.jpg

A rare opportunity to meet many teachers whom Roger has trained and mentored.

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Qigong at The Cancer Support Community in Long Branch continues on Thursdays. For Information (see Classed and Events.

Master teacher Solala Towler presented a one day workshop,

October 21st, 2017 on an exploration into the world of the Taoist arts.

Thank you to ALL who attended this workshop!  We learned about and were inspired by Daoist tea ceremony and more!  Together, we practiced the beautiful Great Spiraling Dragon form from the Wudang Mountains.  

day of exploration solala towler uucmc maxines qigong 10-17-5973

You can find more info about Solala Towler on the Gratitude & Links Page.

Our previous workshop with internationally known master teacher, Francesco Garripoli was a GREAT success!  Thank you to ALL who participated.