Gratitude & Links

 To the following teachers, I express my gratitude.  They each, in their unique ways, have supported my journey, helping me to connect with and express my deep creativity and passion.   Their influence is with me every day.


Ken Cohen is a long time China scholar, practitioner and very fine teacher of Qigong, Tai Chi, Taoism, meditation, and related arts.

It was a gift to study with this brilliant teacher at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in August of 2019.  Focus of the class was an amazing 12 movement system of Hunyuan (Primordial) Qigong.

One of my favorite Qigong resources is Ken Cohen’s book, The Way of Qigong.  For more information and a free newsletter, you may connect with his website


unnamedThanks to Tom Rogers, President of the Qigong Institute for the incredible work he does for this organization. The Qigong Institute was founded in 1984 by Dr. Ken Sancier after retiring from Stanford Research Institute.  It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the scientific understanding of the basis of Qigong through research and education. is an amazing site with articles, research information, videos and numerous resources.  It is a treasure for    anyone interested in learning more about Qigong.


Vicki Dello Joio – Way of Joy Workshop in Lincroft

way of joy workshop w vicki dello joio uucmc 10-15 (82)

Vicki Dello Joio during her visit to NJ to lead Qigong for Wild & Wise Women workshop 10/15

roger jahnke qigong ws @ uucmc lincroft nj 6-16-IMG_0892.JPG

Roger Jahnke, O.M.D. is Director of The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC).  Since 2002, I have studied with Roger many times. I certified in the IIQTC 200 hour Teacher Training with Dr. Roger Jahnke at Omega Institute in 2003 and began studying with him in 2002.  Since then, I have studied with him many more times.  Roger has been one of my major teachers and mentors.  He has long time training and knowledge in Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Tai Chi. Roger is an excellent instructor who teaches with a great sense of humor. We share a passion for making Qigong easy for many people to access. Dr. Jahnke is the author of two outstanding and user friendly books: The Healing Promise of Qi and The Healer Within.  A free newsletter is available through the links below.

Chungliang Al Huang and Maxine at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Chungliang Al Huang is Founder of “The Living Tao Foundation.”  He is referred to as “one of the most original and dynamic Tai Ji teachers.” I first met him in the mid 1980’s at an International Trager Conference in Indianapolis where he came to surprise his friend, Dr. Milton Trager. For an hour, a room full of people moved together with these two masters. I vowed that I would be with Chungliang again, and have since studied with him many times. To experience some of the delight that is Chungliang, Google his name and find your way to YouTube and the video called “Ah-Ha.”

Angeles Arrien, PhD.  1940 – 2014 “cross-cultural anthropologist, award winning author, educator and consultant” and extraordinary teacher. In 1996/97, I spent one weekend each season studying The Four Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Healer, Visionary, and Teacher with Angeles. Since then, I also  attended various weekend workshops with Angeles and participated in a week long retreat with her in Mexico. Her teachings are profound; they still inform and inspire me every day.  In addition to The Four Fold Way,  a couple of Angeles Arrien’s other books include The Second Half of Life and Living in Gratitude: a Journey That Will Change Your Life.  There is no longer a website for Angeles Arrien.  If you google her name, it will lead you to information about her long time work that focuses on indigenous wisdom and more.  Or, check to read a beautiful article about Angeles and her work.  You can also connect to one of her TED Talks there.

 trager logo dancing cloudMilton Trager, M.D.  (1908-1997), creator and founder of The Trager Approach, “a gentle, effective approach to movement education and mind/body integration.”  My 25 year study and practice of the Trager Approach with many clients was instrumental in my understanding of the deep connection between movement and body/mind integration. Trager  was a “coming home” for me. Dr. Trager’s questions to the body would be: “Well … What’s half that effort?” or “What’s softer or easier?” PAUSE and let your body answer … and it will!  My many years of training in The Trager Approach has profoundly influenced my teaching of “Qigong for Good Health”  and my  deep understanding how we might re-connect with our bodies.

The U.S. Trager Association:


Solala Towler, founder(1993) and editor of The Empty Vessel, The Journal of
day-of-exploration-solala-towler-uucmc-maxines-qigong-10-17-3460.jpgDaoist Philosophy and Practice.  If you are interested in learning more about Qigong and Daoist philosophy, this is an excellent magazine.  Solala teaches Qigong and leads amazing trips to China each year.  In 2010, my husband and I travelled to China with Solala and a small group of people.  One of the highlights was five days in the sacred Wudang Mountains practicing Qigong in some of the ancient temples. Many of the photos on this website are from that trip.

For more information about The Empty Vessel Magazine or China travel contact:

Dr. Carol Penn

Dr. Carol Penn

Dr. Carol Penn, dancer, medical doctor, and founder/choreographer of Core of Fire,  an Interfaith Dance Ministry.  Being a member of the Core of Fire has inspired my “dancer within.” It is a joy to move with this group of women. Carol is a wonderful and creative guide, helping us to express the spirit of dance together. In 2008, Carol attended Maxine’s “Qigong for Good Health” classes. She was so inspired by the movements of Qigong that she set choreography to the music of the Beattles song, “Let It Be.”  The Core of Fire dancers have taught this Qigong dance to many people as an expression and offering for peace.

 _____________________________________________________________________mountain dancer small

Master Jiang Jianye, Calligrapher and Tai Chi Teacher.

Jianye created this calligraphy for me. It means “mountain dancer” and expresses my love for climbing mountains and dancing on the earth.

Jianye often teaches and demonstrates at the National Qigong Association Conferences. Grand Master Jiang Jianye – 

FullSizeRender (1)Robert Peng is an extraordinary teacher – clear, kindhearted and generous.  I have studied with him at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and in Costa Rica.  Check out his wonderful book, The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom.  Robert is based in New York City. Go to his website for information, including a free and very interesting newsletter, and for upcoming workshops.



Michael Winn is a brilliant teacher. He shares his depth of knowledge from years of study in many fields.  His current teachings focus on Qigong and Taoism.  He was my first teacher of Primordial Qigong, which has become one of my favorite forms.  His support materials include excellent DVD’s, YouTube videos and written pages. He occasionally presents workshops at the New York Open Center and offers Healing Tao Retreats in North Carolina for many weeks in the summer.  In June of 2015, I had the privilege of attending Medical and Spiritual Qigong Fundamentals with Michael in North Carolina.

 Other Fine Resources for Qigong Study & Information

National Qigong Association

Look for news about the annual NQA Conference where you can experience many excellent teachers.   The 2019 NQA Conference will be held in Albany, NY, easy enough to drive or take a train there.  On the NQA website, you can also find articles and research information about Qigong & Tai Chi.  Under Resources, there is an excellent article entitled What is Qigong.  The site also includes a video of the DVD  Five Treasures Qigong.

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY.  for workshops in many areas with fine teachers from early spring through fall.  When you go to the site, google Qigong to find the many offerings.