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From 2017

This is my second year taking Maxine’s classes and I have really benefited from them. Qigong has improved my energy level and focus. The space we practice in is great and the other students are lovely. Maxine creates a very welcoming community and is an inspiration! Qigong is helping me achieve my personal heath goals and surprisingly supports other aspects of my life too! MH

One of the many benefits I receive is a reduction in stress levels.

Qigong has helped me slow down, and stay in the present moment more. I feel more centered and relaxed.

Qigong has improved my energy level, my balance and has lifted my spirit!

Qigong is beautiful, simple, and peaceful.  It has brought me an abundance of energy and healing, too.

Qigong practice renews and supports my energy.  It feels like a moving meditation.

… From Students of Qigong classes at the Cancer Support Community

QIGONG    Balance, energy, strength, beauty     motion, stillness     Heaven, Earth, giving, receiving     VKS

I’ve been a teacher for many years and have battled different cancers for many years.  Qigong has changed my life by bringing me inner peace and strength,  I can now relax any time by using Qigong movements and breathing properly.  No more shallow breathing or holding my breath.  Helps me relax before bedtime to get a good nights sleep.  It has been a blessing.  LD

My cancer journey has been long, but it has opened my mind to various new things.  One being Qigong, a class that I have had the pleasure of taking.  Qigong has made me feel graceful like a ballerina, made me smile and laugh.  Even though i have only had four classes, I have learned a lot and am inspired to continue with Qigong as my journey to recovery.  MT

It took a couple of classes of Qigong to become comfortable with the practice.  After that I came to appreciate the sense of self and good mental and physical health it has created in me.  i now tell many of my friends and family the positive effects it has on anyone … and remember to “tap.”  I always feel good after our class.  CK

So calming and relaxing.  I feel so grateful that I found this program.  I find it especially helpful when I am unable to go to sleep to use the microcosmic orbit meditation.  I like to start my day with “Flowing Motion” and “Ringing the Temple Gong.”  GT

I was not very hopeful of getting anything useful when I first came to practice Qigong.  I came to realize very quickly that I was fully energized and calm at the end of each practice.  I now try to get in 15 to 20 minutes of practice  3 or 4 times a week.  I truly find Qigong to very beneficial in maintaining a calming basis in my life.  RM

I have just become a cancer patient.  Qigong has helped me relax and at the same time helps my backache.  SC

Relaxation, friendship, guidance, intuition … all beautiful gifts given to me through this healing practice!  I am filled with inner peace and strength which I share with my 7th grade students.  Gratitude and gracias to all!  LN

This practice has been all inspiring to me.  I was attracted to Qigong two years ago and it provides everything for me.  It gives me energy when I want energy, it makes me fearless when I feel fear, and, most of all, I am overcome with calmness when I most need it.  This is one practice that I try not to miss.  TG

This class at the CSC may have ended, but my enjoyment of Qigong has not.  I’ve been able to incorporate the movements and also the ideas more and more into everyday life.  I’v sought out opportunities to continue Qigong elsewhere.  I look forward to many more years of practicing Qigong.  JG

As a care giver, Qigong has been a tool to ground my emotions and assist in adjusting to a most difficult time of my life.  It is meditation in motion, finding peace in mind, body, and soul.  SRK

I have taken Qigong during my chemo treatments and overall illness – Qigong helped me recover quicker and enhanced my overall health and feeling of well being.  In other words, I felt better quicker and better in general.  I also do some Qigong at home.  The Qigong movements and readings also enhance my spiritual well being.  PHS 

… From Students of “Qigong for Good Health” Classes

The practice of Qigong has changed my health from being in severe pain and illness to a new wondrous strength.  I have practiced every day for 3 years.  The ability to manage my pain is truly amazing.  I also find that Qigong helps me to find inner peace as well.  I highly recommend Qigong to anyone, but especially if you have to manage your disability and find other exercises are not helping.  MAM

From the beginning, I was very doubtful about what qigong could do for me. In my experience, I was not a believer in alternate medicine. I have experienced a headache while driving one day, and used some techniques which eliminated it, and I have been able to continue to use qigong for self-care and healing. This was because of qigong movements, and there are meny others that we have learned and can use in everyday life. I am very ahppy that I joined Maxine’s class. EVC

I was leery about what I could get out of qigong, but came to class because of my wife. It’s helped me tremendously, not the least of which is being able to get my mind in the moment when I find it drifting. It’s helped me sleep better and calm the digestive tract. It has given me a general sense of ease. I now notice when my joints are locked rigid and I can immediately sense it and come out into a more relaxed position.  RAM

When one notices nature, whether it’s the ocean or the trees, you kind of enjoy it and go on. Qigong sheds light on why and how the beauty of nature and qi affects us. I now have more of an understanding about the role qi plays in our life. I’ve studied with Maxine for four years and it has centered me. It brings me calmness and peace. It quiets the busy mind. It’s been a compliment to medical treatment. My health exceeds anything the doctors expected. Qigong has taught me posture so that I can stand for long periods. I have much better stamina and I’m smarter about walking, carrying things and living my life. I so treasure what I have learned, that I am compelled to share with friends and strangers. I have been surprised how openly receptive people have been to the little tips that have been shared, on a day-to-day basis. It’s been an interesting journey I am a total believer in energy healing. Thank you, Maxine!   Trish

Everything is connected. That’s how I look at qigong. No matter what stage of life you are at, you can find something in the practice that speaks to you. I find that to be magical in a world that has mostly rejected all but empirical evidence. I plan to keep at it and let it reveal its wonder to me, and look forward to much more practice with Maxine.   Jo G.

Since starting Qigong for Health, many areas of my life have improved.  I use the Sigh of Relief, posture correction, and organ meditation to relieve both physical and emotional stress.  I do the Vitality Method (with Roger Jahnke’s video) on most days which has helped immensely in dealing with back issues and neuropathy in my leg.  When I started Qigong, I was going for acupuncture once a week.  I now go once a month.  Since I take no medication, I attribute this to Qigong.  Barbara

Qigong has made my life better by helping me resist less. I love the wisdom behind the question “what could be softer?” If I practice in the morning, the whole day goes better, if I practice later, it puts the day’s activities in perspective. Kathy

Qigong has helped me get in touch with what my body is “saying” to me.  This self-awareness has helped me in many aspects of my life, but, most of all it calms me and helps my emotional state of mind be more centered.  The mind/body connection is very important to me. Jane

I am so grateful to have discovered qigong – and especially appreciate Maxine’s excellent teaching and kind guidance. My husband and I have been practicing qigong for a year now and it has become an indispensable part of our lives.  Every morning before breakfast we practice with The Five Treasures DVD (from which only takes 20 minutes but is enough to start the day with calmness.  Often we will practice again at bedtime, or in the middle of the night if sleep is elusive. (It works).

Qigong has made us feel less stressed;  we are healthier, more in tune with our bodies and more aware of the healing power within us – so simple, so positive, so amazing!    PHA

Before beginning to do qi gong my bone density was gradually worsening;  since doing qi gong regularly for the past few years, the bone density tests show improvement in my bones! The only thing I’ve done differently is qi gong!  Also, I do the tapping I learned in qi gong on the whole body, concentrating on my knees.  I have chronic, intermittent knee pain which is helped by the tapping.       

Irene (physical therapist and Trager Practitioner)

I have been practicing qigong most days since I retired nine years ago.  When I practice I am more relaxed and centered and, at the same time, I have more energy.   I am also more aware of my body in space–my contact with the earth and connection with the sky when I am doing everyday things, such as raking, shoveling snow, digging in the garden, making the bed, standing in the kitchen preparing dinner or washing the dishes.  My posture is better, my gait more balanced and sure.  As my practice deepens, I sense a greater closeness to nature.  Since beginning to practice qigong seriously, I have felt greater ownership of my responsibility to lead a life of “peak level wellness” through exercise, diet and good sleep habits.  I choose to avoid  activities that stress me out while giving more attention to the activities that I find delightful and fun.   JM  Retired Medical Educator

Maxine moves lightly and gracefully. She brings a tone of gentleness, modesty and encouragement to the practice in the spirit of Chinese healing. At the end of class, there is a feeling of gratitude, profound relaxation and well-being. IM